The Voice of Joyce: Good Leaders are Trained 

Photo on 9-14-15 at 9.56 AM2cb02eeec022aaa6acf4eaae43f1cd69-1Why good leaders are important?

When we elect a leader today, it’s by the shear power and money of special interest groups.

  • What if we elected leaders who had been trained for leadership?
  • What if we sought out a diverse population of a 100 people both men and women of. All ages and sent them to a special school or foundation dedicated to creating responsible leaders.
    We could train them in Statecraft, give them back their vulnerability to emotions, let them understand their triggering mechanism so they could remain calm in crisis.
  • Teach them, since we value entertainment, to be charismatic.
  • Give them an understanding of the institutions available for the service to the people.
  • Develop skills to tax fairly and re-balance our Society?
  • Give them “all” the tools and the knowledge required to govern in a complex changing World Community.

We could start our pilot program in America, but it would be equally useful to franchise this thought and create schools for  a 100  individuals from every Country.    The criteria  for enrollment, TBD, as we work toward  eliminating the temptation  to select and elect for ego -centric despots.   What a glorious thought , finding 100  qualified and decent men and women selected by the people to run their Country effectively!  We the People would know these individuals, they would be chosen by “we the People, for the People”, with  the best interests of the people in their hearts and minds. We the People empowering ourselves  for leadership: a blood less revolution.
Actually, it has precedence in the history. The Roman Senate was drawn by lottery . 100 people participated and ruled Rome. It lasted for. Yrs. The concept could work again. The Global Community already sends it’s elites to Western schools and western military. Why not change the mix of those educated? Make it egalitarian and break up the dynasties with a  more diverse population?   Creating the core of a governing body that would respect the rights of the people.  A governing body trained to work on behalf of the people to provide for the greater good. We might even wind up with Peace in our time. As these trained individuals, moving forward together, would meet and resolve issues proactively.  There would be an esprit de corps developed that creates transparency between Nations and breaks down barriers to communication.
All nations would prosper as nations learn to concentrate on issues that effect them. By tackling problems creatively and collectively, the public would be better served. This is not something we would have to wait to implement.   This is a wish that could be adopted by “we the people”, today, if we chose.    There must be a Foundation ready to pursue such a goal. I feel it in my bones and my gut, that the long years ,at least 5, have prepared me for this concept.  I’ve gone  from dreaming of a revolution which had the possibility of bloodshed, to developing a revolutionary process that would create the leaders we want without bloodshed and without disruption to the system.
We merely have to like the idea.  Educate the first group of leaders and seamlessly integrate them into government. The group would choose the President, cabinet and others to serve strategically within the existing system. You the people would have voted for theses individuals by electing them to attend the ‘ college” it’s a thought and your choice when politics affects us.
I don’t know about you, but I feel like we have countries to save and a planet on a tipping point, I’m ready to try a system, “by the people for the people”. We have the facts , the Elitist moneyed class, do not have the capacity to rule. The time of the despot and the alpha male and female has passed .   What do you think?
I would leave the selection process open to the people’s decision. A government for the people, by the people, creating one Nation, indivisible, able to govern rationally into the 22 nd Century and beyond. We would make sure they had the tools. Every 4 yrs we would graduate another Class. Because it takes 4 yrs to effectively retrain people. I know that’s what it took me. This is not about ideology , it is about improving the quality of our lives. Moving forward with the knowledge and understanding of ” we the people”. . .

“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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