The Voice of Joyce: Who are The Candidates kidding? Tune in Periscope 11AM today


2cb02eeec022aaa6acf4eaae43f1cd69-1Mass Media for President_wmAs an ordinary citizen I am forever linking people to people, businesses to businesses, if I can connect people,  I do so. If they make money through their connections that’s an added benefit. We didn’t “sign on ” to remain poor or middle class; We can do better!

  • If I can make connections  and influence others in my community , why are our elected officials all promises , but no action on our behalf?
  •   If we the people mattered, one of them would have convinced their friends to treat us humanely , like family.  We are ” the family of Man”.

Just saying? A  thought by one of the people who cares ! Who else is stepping up to help ” we the people”?   Not in a year, but now!   We may starve or die before 2016

“the heart and pulse of The Middle Class”

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