The Voice of Joyce: AMERICA , we can do better


How low can you go?
How low can you go?

I’ve listened to many voices, ranging from the kids, in their  20’s -40’s who can’t find good paying jobs, to those working on projects in Africa or the Caribbean, where inequality, I’m told,  means life or death , and to the Recession deniers, who believe we are living in the best of all possible World’s.  That may be true for them, but we can live better!
Though our system is life and death for some, it isn’t for the many.  As we think about our brothers and sisters in other Nations, where is it written, that Americans have to be impoverished so others can prosper? I don’t begrudge anyone a living, but what about us? Sadly, income inequality has created a permanently depressed Middle Class.   However, we can think creatively to make money available to the Middle Class without “hurting” any other society!  The power to change our history, resides with “we the people”.  We don’t have to live with :

  • Wrongful incarceration
  • Poverty
  • “Poor” education
  • Inadequate transportation
  • Income Inequality
  • An eroding Middle Class

Every Candidate  speaks about Income Inequality but who is proposing real programs and real solutions now to reinstate  the Middle Class.  If “we the People”, want representation in Congress we will have to elect new people to represent us.  Otherwise, government can be conducted by Executive Order which we dislike, but many, I’m sure,  prefer a return to our Democracy?

How can you have faith in a system that does so little and rewards those in it so greatly? Since the 1980’s the pendulum has swung in favor of the upper classes. I didn’t see it till 2007. However, many with the ability to see the Financial Crisis looming, saw it and did nothing.   To say nothing in the face of catastrophe makes those who knew equally guilty.    It’s time to become involved in our destiny and write our own story.   If we the people don’t support candidates for change , with vision, it’s our loss.
When we talk about life style and inequality between the classes, AMERICA ranks #1. The Uber wealthy don’t have to play this game, of who has less, they play who has more. I want more for myself and ” we the people”. Why do Middle Class Americans have to give up their lifestyle? Why can’t we pass laws to improve our Country’s use of resources ? Why can’t we tax risk and start building the infrastructure for a better tomorrow.  I am sick and tired of listening  to the arguments  proclaiming Americans are better off?  As compared to whom? We are not better off when compared to pre 2007.

“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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