The Voice of Joyce: When did Military outsourcing start? 

2cb02eeec022aaa6acf4eaae43f1cd69-1images-2What’s wrong with AMERICA? We’ve become a giant Corporation sucking the energy and the life blood from the Middle Class.

Yesterday, I watched my grandson take the solemn oath to defend and protect AMERICA with his life . Yet, AMERICA has let my grandson down, by providing him , and others inducted with him ,  a ” box” lunch from Panera Bread.

  • All the kids, waited to be served, a sandwich, that was mostly dough, chips, a large cookie and an apple, plus soda! All I could think of, as I left him for farm fresh eggs in the region and milk and coffee, was what had become of the Military mess hall. Who was providing for a self sufficient, self reliant military?  I remembered my DAD’S stories from WWll.  He manned the “mess” and scourged for food throughout the German and Austrian countrysides.  What had become of a decent meal, not great, but real food provided by the local populace to the Military base? After a day’s marching and basic training,  I didn’t want my grandsons calories to be replaced by starch and sugars. I know from experience, he needs protein , complex carbs ( pasta, beans) nuts, vegetables and fruit. And lots of it!

Evidently, these NY kids had all eaten better at home as they jokingly swapped cookies and chips. Have we out sourced all of our responsibilities? No wonder no one is accountable. You’re only party loyal to AMERICA and Americans when The Corporation, in this instance Panera Bread,  supplies your daily bread.

“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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