The Voice of Joyce: who will write our story? 

2cb02eeec022aaa6acf4eaae43f1cd69-1Photo on 9-14-15 at 9.56 AM“We the people for the people.”  Sounds good!

But our actions contradict the meaning of those words!

  • We tolerate War. We’re skeptical of peace
  • We fear but tolerate bullies

It’s so easy to embrace our fears but ask us what we like, what kind of world we want to live in and we clam up .
I want a people’s revolution without violence. I don’t advocate death,  I advocate life.

I can tell you what I want to see. I want a more just and equal society here in America and everywhere.

But,  without the support of ” we the people, a government and a society based on the wants of we the people, will not exist. “. That’s why I’ve been advocating ” quality of life”, over ideology.
If we continue to elect individuals , who are self absorbed and have large egos , to power, ” we the people will remain the property of others”. If you think I’m preaching look around you.. We the people have become the property of the elite class of elected officials and the major corporations. If we don’t fit into the ” gig” economy , we become the long term unemployed. If you’re nodding, yes about now, if you feel uncomfortable, that’s good! Who want’s to be someone’s property? Slavery should have died in the 19 th Century, but it still looms large as long as despots are allowed to use ” we the people”, as pawns in their “game of thrones”
A friend reminded me recently, during the “mid evil ” times, men died in War and women died in childbirth. Great life. Now we have more options. We can kill people more slowly if we choose or quickly. Good old Malthus was right, War, pestilence and famine still destroy 10% of our planet.
We’re in the 21 st Century, We’re creative. Does it mean we’ll champion a better way of life, or a more thoughtful leader? If  we fail to understand our needs,  our lives will change dramatically once again without our intervention. We won’t have humans killing humans we will have Robots killing humans, that’s what advanced societies do. We evolve. Forget Food and shelter for ” we the people “, we will continue to provide great sport for the power hungry officials we elect.
I believe, if you don’t take the time to think about our life, someone else will take charge of it. They will write your story not you. It happens every day. Those in diaspora from SYRIA , those habitually living on the edge of poverty, someone has written their story.
“We the people, for the people ” sounds good, how we move from rhetoric, delivered with charisma, to action on our behalf is the challenge. We have the ability to write our own stories and perhaps a 100 decent people from all of our Societies can write a better story for the World. That might be the beginning of Peace in our time. Don’t let anyone talk us out of our dream, it’s not utopian, it’s what ” we the people deserve”. A time to rest and reinvent our Societies to benefit ” we the people”.
We’ve never had a time of real peace. It’s a hard choice. But I think one worthwhile to choose.

  • I bet if we educated 100 people from every country , taught them about statecraft, not war, we’d develop a plan for our future that truly benefits , we the people”. We could start here in America, by founding more schools to train leaders of Society and send the best , not the most popular, or the lessor of evils, to government.
    Who will help me write our story. Who will join me in planning a Society, “for the people, by the people. ” That will be our revolution, disruption without bloodshed.

“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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