The Voice of Joyce: The Mundane 


Need Gas?
Need Gas?

Ed , my son, kept remarking as we drove through Albany,  ” why am I so interested in the Mundane, fascinated by the small towns and shops that define our daily lives? I’m fascinated to see how ” we the People” live out side the mega city, (NYC), the place  I call home.
The mundane , is not ordinary. It may define our lives. But it is not ordinary. It is those things that are vital to our existence, like gas stations and the price of gas. I find the differential charged between stations interesting. Price fixing, obvious and sometimes not, as the monopolies charge what they can , barely concealing the fact they too, have grown into oligarchies. The only class to remain static,  or in worse shape then pre 2007,  is the Middle Class. The rest of society has prospered at our expense. That’s why I’m interested In The mundane. I am the voice of the Middle Class and I am driven to bear witness as we are beaten down and disappear.
I need to remember our Middle Class civilization, how it worked, it’s people, how we conducted our lives, the mundane confines of our World, as it vanishes forever and shrinks below the horizon.

  • “Oh,  bright city on the hill, with your radiance like the sun, not even your ray’s penetrate into the dark small corners of our mundane lives. Yet we amble on, not aware that we are becoming extinct, like the Democracy that bore us.”

“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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