The Voice of Joyce:  Who speaks for Israel? 

2cb02eeec022aaa6acf4eaae43f1cd69-1Photo on 9-14-15 at 9.56 AMWho speaks for Israel? According to Forbes, BIBI NETANYAHU speaks for Israel and is among the 25 most influential leaders of our time. Quite an accomplishment , when BiBi’s country is comprised of 8 million people.
Whether you support The Politics of Israel or not, the State of Israel is an independent Democracy. Flawed perhaps , like most of us. But a Democracy with greater civil liberties then  their neighbors. Not perfect , they’re human!
Do AMERICAN Jews, who have a stake in the JEWISH Homeland , have the right to advocate for justice in Israel? According to my personal opinion, first we should be supportive of Israel. They are a Democracy. Second, we should offer our help and expertise , if the majority of  their citizens want our help.

  • I support Israel. I don’t live there. When I’ve visited Israel I listened to Israelis concerns. They want Peace. Most JEWISH Israelis want Peace.
  • What do the ARABS want, some I spoke to want to be equal, but separate. Many were indebted to the Israelis for providing an excellent education to their families: generations had become Doctors and lawyers while freely attended Israeli schools.
  • While attending the Biennial for Women of Reform Jews and the Union of Reform Jews I had many questions.  Are AMERICAN Reform JEWS trying to duplicate their experience here in America in Israel? Can it work? Are we stepping on both Arab and JEWISH toes to achieve the ” freedoms” we deem proper? Perhaps?   Education and audacious hospitality, an inclusiveness that welcomes everyone, Jews and Non Jews,  independent of race or gender , into the Reform Jewish tent, makes sense.   It takes education, over generations, to achieve real respect for the other. Perhaps we should start an outreach program, non combative, into the religious community as well?
  • Certainly, if you own dual citizenship and you vote in Israel, it is your obligation to be critical of Israeli Politics.  However, as merely travelers to the State of Israel, let’s support them in their quest for Peace without forgetting that they a Democracy.  A Start Up Nation, forged of steel born of “fire”, like the Glass I cherish.

Let’s never forget our brothers and sisters at home in America . We need social justice in America, too!  I was impressed by Lilly Ledbetter’s quest for equal pay for equal work  She fought Goodyear for years to finally achieve a small success for herself but a giant success for women who are knowingly underpaid in comparison to their male counterparts.

This is Part 1 of my Blog Posts on the WRJ Biennial Conference in Orlando, Florida.  More to follow!  Thanks you for reading my dear followers, please do comment.

I remain, the “heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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