The Voice of Joyce: Archival Posts on Israel

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Since our discussions on Periscope, I thought I’d re-post my Blogs from 2013 , when I made 2 trips to Israel.  One in January, with members from The Stephan Wise Free Synagogue and the last trip in November with the North Eastern Division of The American Technion Society.


My thoughts are represented in 8 Blog Posts which are linked for your review.


Thank you for reading, dear followers.  These are some of my thoughts on the State of Israel over the years.   I shall also cull through my personal photos and take you on a more inclusive  journey through Israel .  Look for the Pictorials and further Commentary.


If you wish further information and my thoughts on the State of Israel,  dear followers,  please review my Posts published  last summer,  when  I reported extensively on the events leading up to  the War with Gaza in June 2014.  The mood of the People of Israel has changed.  Many are polarized and  now feel there is no one to talk Peace.


  • My 2 cents, those who glorify stabbings and murder are disrupting the process of Peace and cooperation.  Israel has experienced terror from within and without.  Can we as compassionate human beings, try  to understand Israel’s quest for Peace as a Democracy?    Their plight is aligned with the terror in Paris, in Mali and all places where good people, living freely are confronted with a nihilistic society, that views having a good time,  as an act of evil.  This has surely become a clash of civilizations and Israel is no longer alone.  The War has come to too many of our doorsteps.


The photos below are of Eilat, a seaside resort close to Egypt.  It looks “good enough” to enjoy!  Have a great day!  Watch for my photos.  Thank you for following me and joining the conversation.  All the best. Joyce

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