The Voice of Joyce: taxation without representation 

I’ve been thinking about “taxation without representation.”  Everyone in the World  has been thinking about it from the butcher, the baker, to the local pub owner.  We know times “they are a changing”, when folks all over the Globe are focusing on “their State of Inequality”.
In Wales, a community of 2900 is fighting the big boxes. I remember taking courses at NYU in the 90’s predicting the rise of the large box multinational. I didn’t know then , that along  with the Banks , they would suck all the money out of their country origin and everywhere else they set down roots. 29 communities in Great Britain are fighting back. Crickhowell, Wales is ground Zero for a revolt by small business owners in Britain against a tax system they see as rigged against them in favor of Multinational Corporation.  ( See 2/22/16 NY Times)


Crickhowell, population 2,063, has become famous for being one of Britain’s last holdouts against the encroachment of big retail chains.

  • They want equal taxation under the law! 


  • Last year, Mr Lewis of Crickhowell , decided enough was enough , when his cafe paid $45, 000 in taxes  approx. 21% of his revenue), while Facebook paid $ 6,272.00 (in 2014).   Where’s the parity?
  • On April 15 th in America, who goes first?
  • Or perhaps a Class Action Suit will suffice?

Have we become so enamored with wealth, that we’ve sacrificed our own rights, to pay homage to an elite few? HaHaHa!


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