Joyce America Speaks Periscope @11am Thursday “We the People” have options. We can #Rock the Vote!


I believe that Americans today through their protests and running for office in record numbers are showing that silence is no answer.  I ask that decent people step forward and give me the opportunity to convince the American multitudes that our Democracy and our way of life is in peril. However, I can’t walk across America, as Gandhi did in India.  I can be driven with others in my retinue from city to city engaging the local populace in political discourse on the issues.  But I will need your financial support of my campaign for President in order to make this journey possible.

Nothing less than “110% participation” in the next elections will guarantee the Congressional upset of those responding to the influence of the moneyed Class. We know from what has happened in the last year, their wants are insatiable and they will not rest until they’ve taken most of America’s cash and destroyed our Central Government.

There is no “other”.  There is only us, “We the People”.  United we stand and we can overcome any despot, racist or bigot who wants to destroy our way of life.  We have the power and the numbers. We will use that power like an overwhelming force on the battlefield to make our wishes known.  We can replace those who are complicit with this Administration by supporting decent people in government.  As one of my Periscope listeners stated, we’ll #Rock The Vote.  Being silent is not an option.  Silence means acquiescence and agreement with policies that are abhorrent!

Who will join me and follow me on a new journey to take back our government and protect & guarantee the rights of “We the People”.  We want one person one vote.  We no longer accept government by the Corporation for the Corporation.

Thank you for reading, dear followers.  See you Thursday and we’ll chat.


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