AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce #Mueller Report, Appendix B,C, & D Glossary of American & #Russians interviewed plus Q&A

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I’ve included Mueller’s work product to help you understand the Names and organizations involved in the Special Counsel’s Investigation, in Appendix B.   Additionally, anticipating my release of Volume 2,  of the Mueller Report, I’ve included Appendix C&D,  for your review of the questions asked President Trump and his responses.

I do hope these help you understand the complexity of the Collusion case before the House of Representatives and help you follow Mueller’s investigation.  Since approximately 120 Foreign Individuals were involved and only 20 Americans, it’s easy to understand why Mueller chose to encourage the House to pursue the Obstruction of Justice case.  That case, leading to Impeachment, is a “slam dunk”, if you follow the case Law, originating in Congress in 2002 and blessed by Justice Scalia.

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