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There’s nothing in the Mueller Report that condones Trumps actions or the actions of his children and his inner circle of associates!

He’s not exonerated and should, by the GOP standards of 2002, be impeached for Obstruction of Justice,  as recommended by the Special Counsel.

No one is above the Law. That’s why we have impeachment clauses in the Constitution. What’s the next step, is  our question?  I’ve read the entire Mueller Report .  If you haven’t read the report, or choose not to believe Trumps egregious acts detailed in the Mueller Report, you can’t be complacent about Russian interference in our Democracy. We haven’t escaped a bullet aimed at the Heart of our Democracy, even though our hollowed out Democracy still stands.

There was a concerted effort by Russian Actors and insiders in this “new Conservative GOP “ , to dismantle our Institutions. If we the People are truly interested in preserving our values and our lives, then, we must use the Mueller Report and follow Robert Mueller’s recommendations for Justice , by making Trump accountable for his crimes against “We the People” . Our only remedy , to prevent further suffering of  “We the People”, through stagnant wages, a lack of clean water resources, air pollution & Climate Change dislocations,  is to Impeach Donald Trump.  Once proceedings are started in the House of Representatives, “we the People”, may reclaim our Rights and prevent further “above the Law’ behavior by our President and his enablers. I support, Impeachment Of Donald J Trump under Sections 1503,1505 & 1519 of the Law , defining  Obstruction of Justice.

Social Capitalism existed before the 1980’s, creating a thriving Middle Class culture.  We can achieve stability once again , when we take the necessary steps to thwart the “Bully in the White House” and remove all those who work to destroy our Institutions, from the Federal & State Governments .

Our salvation resides in tying Trump and his enablers hands legally.   Using the Rule of Law, push back against Trump and start the proceedings for Impeachment based on the charges of Obstruction of Justice. It’s “We the People’s “ only remedy to restore equal opportunity,  peace and justice to our lands.

The Mueller Roadmap to Impeachment Proceedings in the House Of Representatives, can be undertaken by the Judiciary Committee or any subcommittee of their choosing.

My notes on the Mueller Report reflect what I’ve read and synthesized for you, dear followers. Sometimes, I couldn’t stop myself from editorializing, I  gave you the facts laid out in the Mueller Report.

The Mueller Report , Volume 1, details how Donald Trump,  his children and friends worked side by side with the Russians,  as they passed stolen property to them,  via the Wikileaks conduit. The Russian GRU helped TRUMP win the Presidency at great cost to “we the People”,  with a potential payout to the Trump Organization in the Billions.

Starting on page 43

1. P43 Both the GRU & Wikileaks encrypted their internal communications to the Trump organization. Since they were aiding Trump , his campaign and family, Wikileaks would inform them when to expect the stolen data , how to de encrypt the data and how to Retweet the contents of the stolen data.

2. The stolen DNC & Podesta emails were transferred from the GRU,  using the Internet Research Agency,  to Wikileaks.   The how is redacted?

3. On 7/14/16. The GRU sent an encrypted document to Wikileaks via the Ecuadorian Embassy. Wikileaks confirms receipt and the ability to open the documents, containing 20,000 emails from the DNC.  The DNC Convention convenes 3 days later , after the stolen documents were released to the Public.

  • Dear followers, you might ask was this legal?   Unlike breaking and entering a building and physically stealing documents, there is no Law delineating theft of private property by computers, domestic or Foreign.  Congress and the Courts have never codified computer theft of private property, though you could make a case for copies of the emails and DNC strategies, being subject to Case law, it’s not a 100% known method to proceed.  p46 of Mueller Report.  Yes, the property was stolen, it wasn’t tangible till copied , and case Law may not decide Trumps Fate. Ergo, the only remedy remaining, to rein in a President, who may have won the Presidency illegally , is Impeachment under the articles of Obstruction of Justice.
  • However, though The Special Counsel cannot definitely state there was criminal intent to Collude withe Russians, the case he investigated, certainly shows  coordination between the Russians, Wikileaks and Trump, his family and members of the Campaign and transition teams.

4. During this entire section, the passing off of Documents between the GRU & Wikileaks , whole paragraphs are redacted,  citing Investigative Technique?  50,000 emails were released in all between Podesta & Clinton, the Clinton Campaign & Foundation, including Clinton’s private Speeches given on 10/7 & 11/7 .  All the emails came from Podesta’s private email account , the latest one, dated 5/21/16,  was released purposely to coincide with the Democratic National Convention as the Trump Campaign tried to cast doubts on Hilary Clinton’s” electability”.

5. Additional GRU cyber operations targeted Democratic linked targets in the Summer & Fall Of 2016. On 7/27/16 Trump went on TV requesting that : Russia if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing? These were the 30,000 emails stored on Clinton’s server while serving as Secretary of State.  Some emails belonged to a Clinton aide. It’s not clear how the GRU found and identified these email accounts,  that was never made Public.

  • Then as we proceed reading the Mueller Report,  there are more redactions on GRU methodology?
  • Based on the evidence, Mueller concluded the GRU was able to take a snapshot, of a snapshot, of databases that were producing back ups. P49 Why is Mueller ‘s investigative technique obscured or the DNC’s cloud computing service redacted? Who’s being protected?
  • The GRU stole approximately 300 Gigabytes of data from the DNC cloud based account shouldn’t “We the People” demand to know , which service was used and  know if  it is secure now?

6. As I read the Mueller Report , there’s a heading, Intrusions Targeting the Administration Of  US Elections.

  • GRU officers targeted individuals & entities , such as the State Boards Of Election , secretary’s Of State, county governments & individuals connected to these agencies. Mueller did not investigate the hacking of our Voting machines in all 50 States, nor did he follow up on the reason to compromise the voter rolls in Illinois and counties in Florida.
  • I can only assume, these data bases, became the targets of a customized Social Media campaign. Designed to damage Hilary Clinton & Bernie Sanders.
  • What had occurred to our Election process and the Russian use of our Voter Registration rolls, was left to the FBI, Homeland Security and the States to investigate .
  • There is no doubt Russian interference in our Elections occurred. All investigative reports should be made public. I’d like to know,  if the integrity of our Voting system is being maintained?  If not, why not?

7. The GRU gained access to voter databases and millions of voter records in Illinois. Was this the polling data given to Kiliminik by Flynn? Or was the data transferred from Sessions to Kislyak?

  • With access to registered voters in Battleground States in the summer of 2016, it would be possible to target these same voters through Social Media. Is it any wonder, Americans are divided?  We’ve been skillfully manipulated.
  • Once again, how Russia accomplished these breaches is redacted? Why? Every State should be concerned and preventing Russian intrusion again in 2020.

8. The Russians also went on phishing expeditions at a voting technology company, whose Corporate name is redacted?  Why?

  • County government in Florida was penetrated by the GRU? The FBI investigates? We don’t know the Outcome or their Recommendations? They’re redacted.

9. The entire chapters on “Trump Campaign and the dissemination Of Hacked Materials p51 , and “Contacts with the Campaign about Wikileaks “ were redacted.

  • The only reason , they’re redacted, based on what little information is given, is in the summer of 2016, Trump was ecstatic over the release of DNC’s emails.  P 53. It appears that Gates and Trump we’re both expecting the Wikileaks data releases.
  • By September , 2016, Corsi & Malloch knew the Podesta emails were coming and assured the Trump campaign that they would be in the Drivers Seat. The rest of p56 & 58 are redacted, presumably not to harm Trump.

10. Donald Trump Jr had direct access to Wikileaks during the campaign period. In his communication with Wikileaks, it appears Assange is concerned that Clinton would send a drone to kill him. In retaliation, he sends Don Jr a message on how to share information with his Dad that would help Trump to look through the Podesta emails. Two days later, Don Jr publicly tweeted the Wikileaks link,  as a thank you! P60

11. Prior to Wikileaks getting the Clinton deleted emails from Russia, there was a phishing expedition started by Michael Flynn. He was asked by Trump, to obtain the emails anyway possible, including using the services of the Chinese, Russian & Iranians.

  • P 62 “Campaign efforts to obtain deleted Clinton emails. “
  • Clinton’s unprotected server was in the process of being hacked by State related players and private mercenaries.
  • Sam Clovis the Campaign co chair for Donald Trump,  was in the loop,  along with Flynn, Bannon , Kellyanne Conway, Edward Prince (Betsy DeVos’ brother) & Smith. Far from a group of bungling idiots, these folks were intensely serious about their pursuit of the Clinton emails from any possible source .

12. Russian Government links to and Contacts with the Trump Campaign: It appears that Mueller was looking for a quid quo pro, established between Trump &/or the Campaign and the GRU.

  • If you remember previous newspaper articles on Trumps relationship with the Russians. His ties to the Ukraine & Georgia go back 30 yrs., along with his relationships with Manafort , Flynn and others in his inner circle.
  • When was a quid pro quo established? Does it matter? Trump coordinated seamlessly with Wikileaks and the GRU a Russian cyber espionage agency.
  • Further , Russia, a Foreign power, paid for his rallies, targeted his voters and cost him only $70 Million to follow the information left for his campaign to follow by Wikileaks.
  • Russia set the scene and Trump played his part. By 2/14 a letter of Intent had been signed between Don Jr representing the Trump Organization and the Crocus Group,  headed by the Real Estate developer Agalarov. All this occurred after Trumps trip to Moscow for the Miss Universe contest. This deal never moved forward.
  • When it was clear that Trump would become the Republican nominee, in 2016, Don Jr and Ivanka Trump went back to Russia to sign a better deal , with the same group , codified by a Letter of Intent, on Trumps behalf.
  • After reading the Report so far, the reader understands Trump, his family and cronies in the Transition team, White House and Congress are interested in money and power. They’ve broken , and or deregulated , our Laws to have more money and power.
  • We the People have deep seated values and a belief system and our actions are restricted by the Rule of Law and unequal justice.
  • Those who govern us , are ruthless, interested in only short term profits for a few and  deflect the truth when it suits them. When do we say “Enough”?
  • We’ve seen how the GRU & Wikileaks helped Trump. If the Campaign coordinators had their way, they would have taken aid from China or Iran. They weren’t the enemy, “We the People “ are their enemy. We the People can vote them out of office and Impeach the President and watch the entire Cabinet evaporate .
  • Then, “We the People” can work to restore the Middle Class.

13. Discussion of the Trump Tower proceeds again from 2015-16, with Don Jr, Ivanka, Michael Cohen, Felix Sater & Rozov. A letter of Intent is signed. Two persons before the Grand Jury are redacted. I assume, Don Jr & Ivanka , are the persons of interest to the Grand Jury.

  • Further information,  on p69,  places them both in Moscow looking for deals in the  mid 2000’s.
  • Meanwhile, Michael Cohen continues to update Trump on the projects progress. More Russians come into the mix and they want to set up  meetings with Trump and the highest level of the Russian Government.
  • One of the Russians had worked with Trump previously on a building project in Batumi, Georgia in 2011.
  • Following their signing of Letters of Intent in 2015, Sater contacts Cohen stating “together with Cohen, he would get to Putin’s team and they will make sure Donald Trump is President.
  • There’s a follow up letter, as Sater envisions Trump & Putin cutting the Trump Moscow “ribbon” in an opening ceremony , for Trump’s commercial real estate venture. “Putin wants to deal with a pragmatic leader and a successful businessman.  Business , politics, whatever, it’s all the same for everyone who knows how to deal”.
  • This reminds me once again of “Network “,  or an excellent book by Brooke Harrington , “Capital Without Borders”. Limits & values are for “We the People “, not for “real businessmen.
  • P71. The money to be made by Trump would exceed $1Billion with no risk! A kingly sum, indeed!  Trump looked upon his campaign as a significant “infomercial “ for Trump branded properties p 72.
  • On 11/16/15 , Ivanka Trump receives an email from a Russian stating her husband ran Putin’s campaign & would help her father(Trump). Either Lana Alexander is redacted by Barr or Ivanka is , the Grand Jury information is redacted.
  • The story gets increasingly complicated, on 7/27/18 , an email to Mueller from Ercova, states, they were promising Trump “land in the Crimea plus an informal visit with Putin,” etc.
  • Though the Real Estate project lay idle, Trump was still pursuing the The Trump Tower Moscow project through mid Campaign in 2016 when a Letter of Intent was signed by Don Jr and Ivanka.

14. The Real Estate development project proceeds with “flourishing of activity & pauses”, many players are brought into the mix, finally in December 2015, VTB Bank gets involved and now informal “business “ meetings are proposed with Putin,

  • Cohen’s and Donald Trumps passports are scanned for issuing Visas to Moscow with a celebration planned at the Russian Consulate.
  • Meanwhile, Sater involves a third party, redacted due to proceedings , before the Grand Jury, with ties to Genbank in Crimea , Ukraine.
  • The US government had sanctions out on this man (redacted) and he has been deported from the USA .
  • P76 Cohen intended to go to Moscow before the Cleveland RNC Convention and Trump was to go to Moscow,  afterward.
  • Nothing more seems to happen on the Real Estate Development Project. However, the plot to deal with Putin continues and more people enter and exit, they all have one thing in common , an overwhelming ambition to do business with the Kremlin and/or to show they have Foreign Policy expertise.
  • On page 84 we come to another redaction, it’s as if Barr wants to shield Trump because he’s backing away from NATO & taking a weaker stance on Russian aggression in the Ukraine.

15. A Foreign Policy team is being assembled. Trump was approached by Papadopoulos , asking if Trump would consider a possible meeting with Putin. Trump & Sessions were interested.

  • It seems, based on all the players and all the convoluted evidence, when Trump finally asks Russia in a Tweet, to help his campaign and release the Clinton emails, Trump knew they existed.
  • Papadopoulos, head of Foreign Policy, also knows individuals associated with the Internet Research Agency or the GRU; the Russians , providing all the information to Wikileaks, who dumped Hilary’s emails, when the time was right, to hurt Hilary Clinton’s chances for Election.
  • It appears, all the redactions on these pages, maybe shielding President Trump! P 85 as we continue reading the Mueller Report, many people think they are bringing Trump & Putin together for a common purpose. Papadopoulos communicates with Stephen Miller & Corey Lewandowski on 4/25/16 , stating that he can get the Clinton emails and Putin is ready to meet with Trump on Neutral territory.
  • (My Note:The meeting, to our knowledge,  did not take place till after Trumps inauguration when he met with Putin in Helsinki.)

16. Based on this “new” ??? information, a Foreign government approached the US Government, on 7/26/16, a few days after the release of one tranche of Clinton emails by Wikileaks, prompting Obama to contact the FBI to open an investigation into a possible coordinated effort between the Trump Campaign & Russia.

17. The Trump Campaign management goes thru internal turmoil during the summer of 2016. Papadopoulos is fired in October 2016 for making comments to a Russian news agency.

  • P93 is redacted and new people are being introduced to the Grand Jury,  probably Clovis, Miller or Lewandowski ? They all have amnesia on Papadopoulos’ messages from Putin & the GRU?

18. I’ve read 100 pages into the question of Collusion with Russia. I understand why the Mueller team was frustrated, so many sources, so many people privy to information about the GRU & Russian intervention in our Election, the coordination with Wikileaks and “no smoking gun”.

  • Unlike Watergate, the case law on computer property theft has not been defined, that’s why Mueller chose to pursue Obstruction of Justice, which is an established offense , blessed by the Supreme Court and recommended as the pathway to Impeachment. These notes concluded on p 94.

19. The subsequent pages deal with the players:

  • Next came Carter Page. Page had worked with the Russians , he was accepted onto the Campaign as a Foreign Policy expert, pro Russian. Though it was never established that Page worked for Russia, the redactions appear to shield individuals of interest? Russians? P96.
  • Page was anxious to get back in Russia’s Political orbit and billed himself as a man of access & knowledge on Energy. He was honored to speak at the New Economic School in Moscow on 7/16.  Page praised Russia and denigrated US Foreign Policy toward Russia & the Russian Sanctions.
  • As a representative of a potential President, he offers Policy in conflict with a sitting President? Interesting, Page’s contacts? Or dealings? with Russia’s energy sector, are redacted under the heading, Grand Jury, along with his emails to members of Trumps Campaign. Who’s being protected and Why?
  • P101 when public scrutiny of Page’s contacts & Policy became unpopular, he was let go & became unwelcome to the transition team.

20. Interesting other Russians come into play, including a think tank, CNI , founded by Nixon.  AG Sessions was a member of the CNI.  Their platform, Strategic Realism in US Foreign Policy.

  • Membership in CNI provided unlimited access to Russian government officials. Jared Kushner attended a CNI event looking for Foreign Policy experts, attacking Hilary and promoting pro Russian Policy.
  • CNI crafted Trumps speeches and policy, along with Sessions & his aid,  Dick Dearborn.
  • 3/24/16. Kushner puts Simes(Russian born, emigrated to US,  1970’s) in touch with Stephen Miller, Trumps Sr Policy advisor.
  • Kislyak talks to Trump, Kushner & Sessions commending them on their stance toward Russia.

21. Kushner & Simes decide to minimize their associations with Russia and instead try to smear Hilary,  by showing that Hilary had hidden Russian contacts instead,  thus taking the spotlight off Trump.

  • Deflection is one of many strategies used.

22. On June 9 th , 2016 the meeting in the Trump Tower with a Russian prosecutor takes place. The discussion centered on the Magnitsky Act, Sanctions and Hilary Clinton’s emails.

  • After these events, the Grand Jury convenes to look at all the players, there were 7 at the meeting and their emails and names are redacted.
  • pages 111-112 redactions continue , shielding persons being investigated by the Grand Jury and their information.
  • We have gone full circle with the same players from 2013-2014.
  • Don Jr reappears and gets information from Goldstone stating that Russia’s chief prosecutor would provide incriminating evidence on Hilary, many people in the Trump Campaign are working in concert to destroy her credibility and her chances to be elected President.
  • On 6/6 & 7 Trump Jr had multiple calls with Agalarov. ( heading the Crocus Group that eventually enters into a Letter Of Intent in 2016 on Trump Tower Moscow) What transpired at the Trump Tower meeting is the subject of Grand Jury proceedings and redacted on p114.
  • The meeting took place and Trumps children attended , Trump was informed of the meeting that was now scheduled for June 9 th. , to take place with “dirt” on Hilary etc.
  • p117 all Information and Russians associated with the meeting are the subject of the Grand Jury and redacted. The Grand Jury is still empowered.
  • Once an investigation into Impeachment begins, the Truth on what transpired at the Trump Tower meeting and the participants will be revealed. All Grand Jury notes are redacted on the subject of Sanctions & the Magnitsky Act.
  • Mueller’s investigative notes are also redacted p121

23. RNC Foreign Policy changes to provide appropriate assistance to the Ukraine not lethal assistance, based on a Trump request.

  •  Sessions speaking for Trump , at a conference held by the Heritage Foundation in conjunction with the State Dept, stated they were looking for better relations with Russia.  80 Foreign Ambassadors were present including Kislyak.
  • This event took place during the RNC Convention? Sessions spoke with 6-12 Ambassadors after the speech, one was Kislyak.
  • The RNC subsequently changed its platform to accommodate Trump.

24. Next Manafort is investigated by Mueller. He was involved with the ex dictator of Eastern Ukraine looking for a peace deal.

  • Manafort shared polling data with the Russians.
  • Trump did indeed help Manafort,  by lifting Sanctions on Deripaska.
  • Manafort had numerous ties to Russia & Ukraine oligarchs.
  • P134 Barr redacted Mueller’s Investigative technique when Mueller is discussing Gates, Kilimink, Hawker & Alexander van der Zwaan?
  • Trumps relationship with Manafort goes back to 1988 when Manafort was given VIP status at the Republican Convention by Trump.  Trump was a long time player..
  • Why did Manafort lie?  He is always protecting his business interests. He looked upon his association with Trump as a way to continue monetizing his relationships. The Grand Jury information is redacted when the information concerns Russians, in this instance, probably Deripaska.
  •  Sanctions are lifted on Deripaska and  it’s been reported, he’s going to build an Aluminum plant in Kentucky, MCconnels home State).
  • Manfofort stated, if Trump won , Deripaska would be rewarded and he has been rewarded. Manafort became part of the inner Russian circle , speaking in code, talking about the future of Russia? Redacted p138?
  • Redacted information before the Grand Jury,  may refer to the ex Ukrainian President? The Report continues through the Summer events of 2016. Manafort’s contacts become important to Trump.
  • Manafort discussed the Battleground States ; Michigan, Wisconsin, Pa & Minnesota with Kilimnik, a Russian spy, in August 2016. They also discussed an Eastern Ukraine peace plan. All this is redacted Grand Jury & Investigative Technique commentary.
  • Business is still on Manafort ‘s mind and he’s told , assumption, not to worry, if Trumps elected.
  • Manafort assumes he has no problems and presumes he’ll carry on his consulting business.

25. Grand Jury testimony is redacted around various Russian Sovereign Fund persons and the UAE.  Putin wanted greater representation in the Gulf. P148

26. A whole section on Russia’s spin on Clinton’s loss is redacted under Investigative Technique and Grand Jury Investigation, P149 & p150.

  • Putin wants , through intermediaries, to meet Kushner & Don Jr

27. Eric Prince becomes a player and we’re introduced to other connections with Russia & the UAE, through Prince’s contact with Nader & Dmittriev.

  • Nader tells Prince of Putin’s interest in the Trump Administration & All Grand Jury information is redacted.
  • Prince brings Minuchin, Wilbur Ross & Kellyanne Conway into his confidence at a Trump Tower meeting.   Bringing them up to speed on Dimitriev and Russia’s interest in the Trump Administration. 1/3/17.
  • Prince is sent to the Seychelles to meet with Nader & Dimitriev.  The Grand Jury information is redacted.  They assume Bannon sent Prince? Prince told everyone assembled in the Seychelles that Bannon was receptive to detente.
  • When Russia sends a ship to Libya, Prince protests. This information is redacted, being a Subject of the Grand Jury.
  • Prince denies he said anything to Dimitriev?

28.I assume, the Grand Jury has to prove, if Prince is committing perjury? P154. What’s interesting is that by 1/28/17. Many subordinates are trying to bring Trump & Putin together. ( Wasn’t Putin the first person Trump spoke to after the inauguration?) Trump is Player #1!

  • 29. My thoughts: Is everyone scurrying around part of a diversion , while the real activity , between Putin & Trump,  is taking place in full view of the Public?

30. When Obama sanctioned Russia for interfering in the 2016 election, Trumps response was get over it!

  • Trump and his people were conducting Foreign Policy with Russia, prior to his being sworn in. Was this against the Law?
  • By page 183 Mueller concluded that the Trump Campaign didn’t collude with Russia. Though , it was due to the current definition of Collusion and Mueller never found a smoking gun and decided, collusion was hard to prove:   the GRU worked seamlessly with Wikileaks and Trump and his family and his inner circle.  These individuals had access to Russian Oligarchs. Putin had to have been blessing all transfers of data and presumably had control over the potential Moscow Tower Deal?   There is no sunlight between the players.  All we can do is follow Mueller’s reasoning, which is redacted and the Tweets for clarification.

31. Thus, Mueller than concluded , Obstruction of Justice is the legal path to pursue. Along with Impeachment.

  • Why is there a redaction on p 174? When Mueller is summarizing? This info is germane to our understanding of Mueller’s reasoning not to pursue Collusion.
  • Why is Mueller’s charging decisions wholly redacted under the heading , Harm to ongoing matter? Who’s being protected by Barr? P176 &177 & 178 wholly redacted? Along with Mueller’s potential indictment of a person, under section 1030?
  • P179 personal privacy invoked by Barr. Is Barr protecting the children or Trump?

32. “We the People” have been grievously harmed by A Policy of Plutocracy! Winner take all politics is making our survival tenuous and increasing inequality.

33. Violation of the Foreign Agents Act ; many were culpable

  • Those Formally charged were Manafort, Gates & Flynn.   Mueller would have charged others, but the information is redacted,  citing personal privacy? Whose?

34. The Trump Tower meeting in June was cited by Mueller as a violation of Campaign Finance law and it is redacted.

  • Wasn’t everything Putin, Russian citizens & Ukrainian’s did for,  and , with Trump in violation of existing Law?
  • Starting with the Social Media campaign, the rallies, the hacking of voting machines , using the People’s data,  did Russia influence the election?
  • Was providing hacked emails and correspondence of the DNC, Podesta & Clinton in violation of governing Law?
  • Was the GRU/Russian intervention of value to Trump and did that violate our Laws?
  • Has anyone fixed our voting machines ? Are they still open to cyber attack along with individuals responsible for guaranteeing our vote?
  • The individuals at the June 9 Trump Tower meeting,  assumed they were above the Law. Were they disingenuously waiting for other shoes to drop while aiding Putin and tabling Sanctions?

35. Why is Mueller’s application to? Redacted totally.  What was he getting at, after not charging Don Jr or Kushner? P188 & 189  are totally redacted.

36. Next Mueller considers Constitutional Considerations and those are redacted on p 190&191

  • As part of Mueller’s Summary he goes to Obstruction of Justice To fully understand who’s liable for making false statements to a Grand Jury.  “We the People ” need the information which has been redacted to fully understand the case for or against Collusion, in Mueller’s words. ( “We the People” vs Donald Trump.)

37. Next we’re reading about Papadopoulos & Mifsud.

  • Papadopoulos pled guilty to lying to the FBI.  His term was 14 days jail, community service & $9.5 fine!  The Grand Jury information is redacted
  • 38. Michael Flynn made false statements, Obstruction of Justice is recommended.
  • 39. Michael Cohen made false statements to protect Trump and all other information on his Obstruction charge are redacted. Who’s protected? Trump? p192
  • 40. Jeff Sessions status? He was on the think tank with Russians and he met with Kislyak many more times than stated.  P199 is redacted for Grand Jury & personal privacy issues. Why?

41. Volume 1 ends Mueller’s Report on Collusion with many redactions and questions left unanswered.  I will attempt to provide Appendix B: A Glossary of all individuals and organizations involved.  It’s 13 pages, comprehensive and lists all interested parties.

In the age of Trump, the system is rigged  against “we the People and doesn’t work for us.  We can’t live with widening Inequality of income and justice.  If I thought “we the People” could make Trump or his enablers , become better people , I’d say no Impeachment.

  • However, since their reason for assuming power is to dismantle our Institutions,  to deny Climate Change , to assure short term profits for a few and to give Modern Business as much of the Public Purse as possible,  before the next election,  I’d say let them prove themselves.
  • I don’t see Trump or his family, cabinet members, inner circle or current GOP changing.  Instead, they’re digging in to fight & battle Representatives of “We the People”.
  • The fact that no quid quo pro was found, doesn’t mean , it doesn’t exist. Why the secret meetings with Putin? My guess, Trump has his own personal recordings of everyone he meets , just to keep the record straight. Proof?
  • Meanwhile, “we the People” have needs to be satisfied and this administration is not addressing them! I can’t live with Inequality of income and unequal justice. Can you? If not, our only remedy, is Impeachment based on the articles of Obstruction of Justice.
  • Volume 2 of the Mueller Report summarized, next!

Have a great day.  I look forward to chatting with you tomorrow.

The heart and pulse of “we the People”

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