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Dear followers, what a difference a week makes. A new administration and I’m already looking for solutions to our problems and I’m hopeful, they’ll be coming. They’re already on Biden’s Agenda! Sleep, at last, more energy and once again, it’s dawn in America!

Let’s take the uncertainty out of Biden’s Agenda and advocate for the following:

The Senate must Eliminate the Filibuster

  • Why, you ask! What about a Bipartisan Agreement?
  • If the GOP won’t agree to the First tranche of $1.9 Trillion, which is more relief, than stimulus, there is no Bipartisan Agreement.
  • Biden must seize the day and deliver “relief” to the American people. Nothing will create trust in Government, more than, receiving the $1400 stimulus checks and other relief for unemployment and the States.
  • Time is of the essence. Everyday more people slide into poverty. We need relief now!
  • Don’t waste time on Bipartisan wishes, go with the reality confronting us, more money to “We the People”, is not on most GOP Senator’s agendas.
  • Pass the relief and stimulus we need now and move on to to the 2nd tranche of Stimulus and Laws that will allow us to continue adding cash directly to “we the People”. We’ll need a Social Safety Net, as long as Covid 19 prevents 10 million+ from returning to full time employment.

We need Fundamental Changes to Government policies.

  • Ron Wyden, Oregon(D), wants to change the Unemployment Insurance Program to benefit the new classes of unemployed. Let him do it!
  • Why should we hope people are benefiting, when we know the 1935 Law, is no longer applicable to the long term unemployed and “gig” workers?

Positive outcomes restores faith in Government!

  • Let’s allocate funds to inoculate 200 million.
  • The faster we vaccinate “we the People”, the faster we can resume living more normal lives.
  • Israel already has results from their inoculation program. They’re seeing a 60% drop in hospitalizations, one month after Vaccination.
  • Impeach Trump and remove the ring leaders of the 1/6/21 insurrection using the 14 th Amendment, Section 3. We are the United States of America. When people hold Public office, they pledge an oath to uphold the Constitution. If you break that oath, you should be barred from holding public office forever.

Impeachment provides a Truthful narrative, an alternative to the lies that have been told.

  • It’s time for all Americans to hear the same truth.

Overturn Citizen’s United

  • Remember when the Corporations were appalled by the 1/6/21 Storming of our Capitol and stop giving PAC money to TrumpsGOP? Well, that was a baby step towards what’s right. The Supreme Court has a case pending, that would make “Dark Money” contributions less transparent. Will the originator of this Petition withdraw it?
  • If “we the People” want representation in Government, support overturning Citizens United. Why should Presidential races cost $10.9 Billion +? Who’s benefiting? It’s not US!

The heart and pulse of “We the People”.

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