AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Biden invokes Defense Production Act to research and develop mining sites of rare earth minerals used for Electric Vehicles. He aims to mine Nationally.

In keeping with the DPA , he should add Climate Mitigation Projects. Scaling up heat pump Research and development, solar field use age for farms, wineries and export to the EU. Jobs in renewable energy are double those available for fossil fuels and have the added bonus of Mitigating Climate heat and pollution. While we’re thinking War, oil and gas prices rose because Fossil Fuel Corporations made larger Profits. Reduce their Subsidies and force prices down. We can export renewables to the EU and reap profits and increase clean industry to power the electric grid. A win win for America. Perhaps we could save farm land out West by shielding crops and wineries with solar fields. Increased productivity is a necessity.

Additionally, we should spend money on hydrogen fuel and fusion technology. These industries can add to the grid and become Fossil Fuel replacements. Germany is importing Hydrogen from Norway. Why lag behind the rest of the World in Climate Mitigation? Why can’t we dedicate ourselves to making America and the Planet a safer, cleaner, less polluted environment, with preservation of our Natural Resources. Short term thinking destroys our Children’s and grandchildren’s inheritance.

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