AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Ron DeSantis has turned the entire State of Florida into a political background. First he gave out Monoclonal antibodies rather than letting citizens get the Vaccine. Encouraging Covid infections without caring about the consequences. Then he banned masks, that help reduce the incidence of Covid infections. Recently, he targeted the LGBTQ&A community and now he’s banning Math Books? DeSantis has a reign of Infection, death , discrimination against groups of people and is repressing education. America’s past involved slavery and the slaughter of the Indigenous Indians. No one should be repressed by a repressive government. Kids need math. Kids need history not myths. And kids need to feel they belong in a multicultural society. America is a melting pot. Allow people to think analytically , give them the educational opportunity to achieve. That concept appears alien to DeSantis, who acts as an Autocratic leader , rather than a supporter of Democracy.

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