AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce There is no choice to make, if you value your freedom in 2022, vote Democrat overwhelmingly. TrumpsGOP stands for restrictive voting rights and now a total overturn of Roe v Wade. Plus Book banning in many states and Laws rolling back LGBTQ rights and awareness. 26 States are prepared to act as a block to overturn our Rights. Register and Vote overwhelmingly for new State & Federal Representation. TrumpsGOP has taken 50+ % of Americans away from Social and economic Justice. As they overturn our Laws, they fail to provide expanded healthcare, a good education and better paying jobs, plus they’ve destroyed the plots social safety net. Enough is enough. State fiefdoms stand for a white patriarchy that wants to roll back the clock to 1930?1950? TrumpsGOP don’t stand for progress. #PoliticsAffectsUs. # Roe v Wade, #TrumpsGop They don’t represent the majority.

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