AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce After 117 days , there is talk about a long War. I don’t see how that can continue. According to the latest reports, Russia is bombing cities where people have fled, except those who couldn’t. Russia has not captured full cities in Donbas and adding more troops. If and when Zelenskiy gets the Weapons he needs , he’ll be able to strategically deploy them to wipe out the Russian entrenchment. The Southern cities may pose more difficulties. Meanwhile, Yellen is meeting in Canada to discuss Peace initiatives to end this War and Poland and the EU are discussing ways to remove Ukrainian grain out of the Country to avoid famine. This War is detrimental to our Planet as Germany considers using Coal & grain must go to the regions designated to avoid destabilizing Nations and famine. We need a World body to preemptively stop Wars before they begin. Excess fossil fuels is not something the planet can sustain.

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