TheVoiceOfJoyce I know many of you think the January 6 th Commission is a rigged Court. Then how do you explain members of Trumps Cabinet testifying against him? Members of the Oath Keepers testifying, leaders of these White Supremacy groups giving testimony, Twitter employees testifying to the power of Social Media to organize a mob, whipped up by then, President Trump. Their intent was clear, overturn a legitimate election, using violence. 10 years ago, we listened civilly to each other’s political opinion. I know, I joined Periscope, 4 months after it debuted in 2015. At least 450 people, mostly from America, tuned in 3 times a week, to discuss politics in a civil manner. I challenge every skeptic of the January 6 th Commission &/or “haters of Democrats” , to listen to yesterday’s testimony of fellow Americans & then decide , is this a rigged Court?

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