TheVoiceOfJoyce Since the gas shortages of the 1970’s , President Jimmy Carter, was warned by Scientists, Fossil Fuel combustion has increased exponentially, causing atmospheric CO2 Emissions. Because of the “greenhouse effect” Global Climatic warming will be induced from 0.5 – 5 degrees Celsius. Our Climate will warm drastically. The Press Report, was placed on Carter’s desk, July 7,1977. Jimmy Carter read the memo with its dire predictions and recommendations to begin planning to mediate the disasters to come in the year 2000. Jimmy Carter ignored this problem. The short term was under “ control”. The Fossil Fuel industry, invested in developing alternative energy sources, then discarded their usefulness. Instead, they invested in a 50 year campaign to deny the existence of Climate warming. Now, time has run out for many, of the 40 million, in the West who depend on the Colorado River for life and the question remains, where are our plans to mitigate the loss of water, food and clean air that follows intense heat? The Climate Crisis in America requires mitigation. What is the plan now, to stop the increase in Climate warming , drought, fires, flooding, and pollution?

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