TheVoiceOfJoyce The tragedy of War. We now know both Putin and Zelensky were misled. After 6 months of terror in Ukraine, there’s no purpose to Russia’s war of aggression and their intent to eliminate all mention of Ukrainian culture. On 8/24/22 , Ukraine celebrates their independence. Beat up Russian tanks will line the streets of Kyiv. There is no parade with welcoming arms for Putin or Russians. The people have suffered. Ukrainians murdered and their towns destroyed. Russian youth, the intelligences, estimated to number 150,000-300,000, have left Russia for cities in Turkey, Armenia, Latvia & Georgia. The Russian population is silent and the Ukrainian’s are united to fight on and resist. Why continue? There are no winners. Peace must be achieved. How? Evidently, neither side has acknowledged an endgame. Perhaps, a ceasefire should be declared, Russian’s should leave the Ukraine and within 9 months to a year, a real Referendum could be held by the Ukrainian people. Let the people decide!

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