TheVoiceOfJoyce OnUkraine’ s Independence Day from Russia and the culmination of 6 months of War. Kyiv is on high alert. Zelensky is evacuating citizens. Weapons are pouring into the Ukraine from EU Nations and America. The Pope prays for Peace and the well being of the American people. Russian troops are no longer making headway in Donbas, they’re running out of munitions and supplies. A dissident was arrested in Russia. A Moscow puppet, installed in Donbas, died in a car bomb. Ukrainians are no longer interested in negotiating their Land for Peace. Meanwhile, Russia is stirring up Uranium dust around their seized Nuclear Power Plant. The World must stop Putin and call a cease fire to his Ill timed invasion. The World has important weather problems to contend with and food insecurity. Global action is required to prevent massive famine & refugee migration. The World is finding it difficult to absorb Ukrainians, temporarily. Putin’s age of Imperialism must end! The crack in his regime, in mother Russia, are beginning.

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