AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce If Putin can’t rearm and conscript more troops, will he agree to a cease fire? 75 yr old pensioners, living on the front lines, their birthplaces are in despair as Russian missiles destroy their homes and gardens. One elderly woman, weeped, while wondering what she’d done to Russia to cause the destruction of her home. Where would she go? This was her birthplace and now she has nothing? Meanwhile, the front lines are constantly shifting. Putin is concentrating shelling of the Donbas region and making Ukraine’s nuclear power plant an unstable source of concern. UN IAEA inspectors are desperately seeking entrance to the Plant to ensure nuclear dust stability. If the Donbas region was eager to become Russian, why aren’t the Russians accepted with flowers and parades? Why the need for constant Russian shelling of this region? The Russian myth of savior, of Ukrainians, appears to have shattered with Russian aggression & bombs.

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