AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce The IAEA team of 14 are determined to get to their objective, Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant, even though Russian missiles are shelling their agreed upon route. Russian forces are shelling nearby towns to the nuclear power plant, targeting civilian houses and claiming they are engaging an enemy? They’re creating a deadly diversion to stop the IAEA from their inspection and their intent to leave a permanent mission at the Plant to assure there are no nuclear energy leaks. Two reactors have been shelled by the Russians. Some reactors are off line . The IAEA are determined to move forward and inspect the plant’s safety. They won’t be deterred. Ukrainian troops are moving forward in Kherson, their counteroffensive to oust the Russian occupied territory is in progress. Day 190 of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Gorbachev would not have approved of Putin’s actions in Ukraine in 2022. Putin understands he was wrong, and does not intend to attend Gorbachev’s funeral. A sad day for the Russian people and our Planet.

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