AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce In San Francisco Bay and Lake Merritt, there is a dark toxic algae bloom and a massive fish die off. The Putrid odor can be smelled immediately. What caused this die off? Most likely waste water high in Nitrogen and other chemicals that are filtered by the treatment plant coupled with the drought, the fish have no oxygen to survive. Without fish of all sizes, will the birds come? This was there feeding ground. How many circumstances of fish dying off can we, as a consumer, tolerate. Food insecurity is already on the rise. One more problem to tackle before the next heat wave hits. Still think we’re wise to have no back up to fossil fuels? There’s no debate. Our World is changing rapidly, we’re experiencing temperatures that will continue to increase. It’s predicted, this will be the coolest of the hot years. What’s America’s plan for the equitable survival of all citizens? We certainly can’t afford a political Party that says no, to Voting Rights and no to R&D of renewable energy and their implementation and no to moving forward with our lives.

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