AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Train surfing effects young boys and is rewarded, if they live , by social media apps. Since the FCC is making Laws to identify and exclude young users from content, why can’t Social Media sites be fined for using dangerous content from subway rider thrill seekers. Many end up dead, why reward them with viral clicks for dangerous copycat behavior?

New York’s train surfing casualties mirror a growing global trend of injuries and deaths from social media-related stunts, as app algorithms reward users for producing extreme content, sometimes as part of viral “challenges”. D-Side believes the return of train surfing is “100%” correlated to social media usage, which has intensified people’s craving for attention. “It’s a hive mind. People chase clout. They care about other people’s opinions. They care about being somebody making a name for themselves. It breeds people wanting things right now.”

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