AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Many people would vote for Climate Change objectives. California is now undergoing raging fires in areas near LA and south of San Diego. With temperatures in the low hundreds fire fighters are suffering from heat shock and have been rushed to local hospitals. Wisely, though with caution, California will maintain its Nuclear Power Plant for another 5 yrs. There should be an emergency summit, in America, on Climate mitigation . Those States not using Federal Money to benefit their citizens, should forfeit that money in full to the Federal Government. For example: Jackson , Mississippi has no water. It’s an African American town and the State Capital, their infrastructure has never been upgraded and the education and healthcare of the State are ineffectual. Yet, Mississippi got $ 28 Billion from the Federal Government. Where is the money used? Oklahoma doesn’t want some of the money the Federal government gives them, yet their teachers aren’t paid enough to teach more than 4 days a week. Where is the money given to the State being used? Republican Governors and poor states. Oklahoma claims a lot of wealth from renewables and fossil fuels, why don’t their citizens have a better quality of life? These are stressful times. Climate Change is effecting all of us, the least every State can do is use their federal money effectively, make their citizens lives better, like California does!

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