TheVoiceOfJoyce Day 190 The Nuclear Power Plant is now under IAEA control. The IAEA is investigating security breaches and will assess damages to the plant and issue a report on the Plants status. Zelensky, rightly wants the Plant demilitarized. The Russian head of the Donbas region says Russian aims to occupy and seize more of Ukraine. Lavrov has warned Moldova not to interfere in their supply routes. China & Russia have stated War games in Eastern Russia and the Straits of Japan. Continuing their brutality, Russia has forcibly removed Ukrainians captured to Russia or Russian held territory in Ukraine. The terror continues , the war continues and Ukrainian children start schooling underground bunkers and bombed out structures. The tenacity of the Ukrainian people is admirable. In Russia, opposition to the War is unacceptable. The Chairman of Lukoil, fell from his balcony in a renown Moscow hospital. He was the 6 th Russian CEO or elite manager , to be found dead “ by accident “, after having expressed opposition to the War in Ukraine!

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