AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce The citizens and policies of Utah, make the level in expansion unsustainable. People in Utah consume 285 gallons of Water a year. In Utah’s campaign to be a destination state, they’re using too much water without conservation. It’s not to late to prevent severe water loss or death from Flash flooding. Educate your tourists before they enter the Park. Remove lawns and those wheel sprinklers and use arid planting and drip irrigation. The key to survival in the 21 st Century is recognizing water is a limiting factor in growth, tourism and population density. The larger towns will purchase water, maybe. The poorer towns and their people will have no water to survive. Do you care that you’re drinking water, while other citizens of Utah die from heat and a lack of water?

“We are so disconnected from the land or the water that we don’t even think about it,” Andrechak says, adding that the answer doesn’t lie in new inventions or dramatic new water supply diversions, but in becoming more water-wise. “We can save ourselves by ourselves. I believe that analytically as an engineer and I believe it spiritually as a resident.”

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