TheVoiceOfJoyce What can citizens do when their leader spreads disinformation maliciously, causing the death of many? In Brazil, the police have charged Bolsonaro with the crime of spreading false information about Covid. He called it a cold, 680,000 Brazilians died. He disparaged wearing a mask. Stating masks killed people during the Spanish flu. The opposite was true. He linked AIDS to Covid? There is no link. These remarks were broadcast over Social Media, before they were deleted. It was too late for many in Brazil. Once Disinformation spreads, its hard for people to understand the truth. There’s an election coming up in Brazil. Brazilians should vote Bolsonaro out of office. He has plundered the Amazon, been responsible for the deaths of 100,000’s , destroyed the World’s largest Carbon Dioxide trap. Social Media, without Regulation, gives Disinformation & misinformation a “ mega phone” ! The millions made byDisinformation & misinformation is their reward. Has your life been harmed by lies and misinformation? Look around?

That alleged crime, which is punishable with up to six months in prison, relates to a notorious social media broadcast in October 2021 which was subsequently removed by YouTube and Facebook.

In the deleted transmission, Bolsonaro falsely claimed face masks – the compulsory use of which he repeatedly flouted – had been responsible for many of the deaths during the 1918 influenza pandemic.

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