AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce In a first special report on our climate, the Guardian sites scientists concerns and historical archeological data. The Indigenous people have seen and lived with droughts before. They know what creates harmony with the land and people and culture wars create a society of violence. Scientists have been warning our Congressional leaders since the late 70’s , that we are altering our climate, limiting our water resources and creating pollution too dire to exist. From California to the Colorado our way of life must change. If we choose to cooperate, conserve Water and act responsibly to decrease our dependence on Fossil Fuels, we will live to rebuild. The choice is ours. Voting starts in North Carolina in a week, don’t choose regressive culture war instigators for election, choose new faces and power our World. You might want to tune into Apple TV and watch Finch, with Tom Hank’s, about survival in a World hostile to human habitation. Many are dying now. What happens when we have no water and no cover from the heat? Can you survive in temperatures exceeding 110? Can you survive year round fires? Pollution? Can we stop the Climate Change deniability and live in the real World.?Social Media is no longer fun, if we’re living in fantasy and not looking and seeing our World.

the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) detailed how wildfires ravaging the south-west’s ponderosa pine forests are fueling a dangerous “positive feedback cycle”. Instead of acting as a “carbon sink” that absorbs CO2, explains Camille Parmesan, an ecologist who contributed to the report, some forests can actually become generators of greenhouses gases as they burn, in turn driving more heating.

“At some point, we may have put such a long, heavy train into motion that the positive feedback cycles will be locked in and continue to produce CO2 regardless of what humans do,” Parmesan says. “We have evidence this is starting and that is really scary.”

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