TheVoiceOfJoyce Google to be sued by the UK and the Netherlands for anti competitive practices in advertising technology. It has long been alleged, that Google sells our data to 3 rd Parties and those 3 rd Parties pay revenue to Google. Based on our behavior, we see “ Google ads selectively prioritized. These ads, may not be ads originating from the UK or the Netherlands. The Google ad roster may not benefit local newspapers or small businesses from the region of search. Those newspapers and businesses have been deemed by the UK & The Netherlands to have been harmed. The government’s are suing Google under the new Regulations, seeking damages of $25 Billion. What do you think? Do you think Google prioritizes their ads? Does this constitute a violation of anti trust rules? Should Google’s AI data ordering be transparent and accountable, allowing for competition?

This important claim will represent a class of victims of Google’s anti-competitive conduct in ad tech who have collectively lost an estimated £7bn. This includes news websites up and down the country with large daily readerships as well as the thousands of small business owners who depend on advertising revenue – be it from their fishing website, food blog, football fanzine or other online content they have spent time creating and publishing.”

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