AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce The Republican Party has been crafting State Laws by relying on Industry & Lobbying groups, like ALEC, to craft bills that make it illegal to protest a pipeline or other fossil fuel projects, punishable by 10 yrs in prison? Aren’t these Laws, in 24 States, curtailing our right to protest and freedom of speech? Why would you vote for Laws crafted by industry to curtail your rights under the Constitution? Why aren’t amicus briefs being filed against these industries & Lobbying groups? How many Americans have lost their lives to pollutants? Fires? Flooding? Heat? Do you want non elected officials to craft the Laws of your State? If not, vote out every Republican and preserve your Constitutional rights. Industry control of GOP STATE GOVERNANCE doesn’t end with denying us clean air and water, they also support gun manufacturing over the rights of citizens, they’re against funding education and have harmed women by denying them the right to reproductive healthcare. Do you think Corporations should have more rights than “We the People”?

Republican-led legislatures have passed anti-protest laws drafted by an extreme right corporate lobbying group in a third of all American states since 2018, as part of a backlash against Indigenous communities and environmentalists opposing fossil fuel projects, new research has found.

The American Legislative Exchange Council (Alec) helped draft legislation criminalizing grassroots protests against pipelines, gas terminals and other oil and gas expansion projects in 24 states, under the guise of protecting critical infrastructure.

Rightwing lobby group Alec driving laws to blacklist companies that boycott the oil industry

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Alec, which is funded by rightwing state lawmakers, corporate sponsors and trade groups, and wealthy ideologues, creates model legislation on a whole range of conservative issues such as gun control, abortion, education funding and environmental regulations.

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