TheVoiceOfJoyce It’s not on the Federal agenda yet, free school lunches and breakfasts are showing benefits, since their implementation in August. In California with 12% of the Nations public school kids, universal free meals is having an immediate impact. The kids are happier, focused and look forward to school. They’re trying new foods, like fruits and vegetables. They’re eating healthier meals, which could be unaffordable with rising prices. This is a win win for society. Vermont is following the California program along with 10 other states. McConnell is against the program because he does want to reward wealthier parents? 70% of Americans support a universal free meals program at school. It’s good for kids and levels the playing field for everyone. All kids are treated alike , they eat the same foods and are able to concentrate on their education. What’s not to like?

Before California became the first state to implement a universal meals program for its 6.2 million public school students, Alyssa Wells would keep granola bars in her classroom for students who complained of being hungry.

When the new program began in August at Foussat elementary school in Oceanside, California, which is primarily attended by Latino students from low-income families, the teacher noticed immediate changes in her students. “The kids are eating way more and they’re more focused, eager to learn and they’re just happier,” she said. “They’ve got one less thing to worry about.”

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