TheVoiceOfJoyce The Guardian and The Observer have been reporting Climate anomalies since the 1890’s. We’ve been warned and articles have appeared in Newspapers and Journals, both predicting our present condition and providing solutions. Solar power for developing countries was a known solution a 100 yrs ago. What happened? Political decisions that were pragmatic were shelved for “ just in time” solutions. After what we’re experiencing in America, we have choices to make for our collective survival. Read the data, look out your windows in devastated regions, what do you see? If our environment no longer supports our way of life, who is willing to say, let’s change our policies? The Corporate pacifists, of Hitler, became patriots, when they realized they could make more money profiting from War. Today is no different. The Fossil Fuel Industry can make more money investing in new technologies, now. If they can’t see that reality, why not remove their subsidies and compensate new innovators?

But the moment that really catapulted the climate on to front pages came in 1988, when Nasa climatologist James Hansen warned the US Congress that the greenhouse effect was causing global warming.

At the time, experts were predicting that the Earth could warm by 1-2C by 2030, a warning that now looks prescient.

The Guardian, 15 June 1988.

Later that same year, environment correspondent Paul Brown, wrote: “Large swaths of the planet will be plunged into misery by climate change in the next 50 years, with many millions ravaged by hunger, water shortages and flooding, according to evidence published yesterday.” Prophetic.

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