AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Starbucks personnel are penalized for forming a Union. 200 shops are Unionized and 75 employees have been terminated and harassed by management for being part of the Union. Several Starbucks locations are on strike, protesting their lack pay, harassment and lack of benefits. The NLRB is investing all Starbucks employee claims. Good luck! The Rules of a Clean Slate for Workers, would make the process of Unionization easier, eliminating Corporate interference. It would , also, allow for sectoral Unionization. A win win for labor and their Community.

TheVoiceOfJoyce Another win for People in the USA, Delta flight attendants in the process of Unionizing. All the other airline have Unions, Delta was a hold out. Now, the People know it’s a necessity to bargain collectively for pay, benefits, work life balance. They want a seat at the table and will collect the necessary votes before year end. With a friendly NLRB, Delta’s previous Union busting tactics, may not to advised. Kudos, the People have spoken once again!

TheVoiceOfJoyce Dark stores, in NYC neighborhoods are a new grocery shopping warehouse. They’re not open to the Public. They compete with neighborhood stores. They’re unregulated grocery business, competing with local shops. They’ ve got an edge on the competition, delivery in 10 min? How? They hire employees, stress them to the max, offer unsafe working conditions and then fail to pay them. Luckily, many are leaving the NYC region. They’re moving to fast, like tech companies, they move fast and break things, in the process they’re unprofitable and going bankrupt. It’s to bad we’re using people , making them disposable commodities, instead of investing in labor and providing respect and a living wage. PS from 1000’s of locations within NYC, only 23 entities remain. GOPuff is now in Bankruptcy. It came into existence during the Pandemic, offering RapidTests at $25 for 2 tests. Then they morphed into convenience shopping with no rules and regulations. Just like Uber & Lyft, the monies earned leave the Communities. It’s a lose lose.

TheVoiceOfJoyce Heat waves rising exponentially were not on Scientists models. As our Globe warms, excess deaths due to heat are occurring in every Country. Life has meaning & a cost. Isn’t time for every Country to be integrating renewable energy into their grids on an emergency basis? We now know Coal plants can be repurposed for Solar And Wind Turbine integration. Why wait till we run out of food and water resources? We can start the integration now !

TheVoiceOfJoyce Issuing a stake in Federal subsidies to Chip makers makes sense. How much money would be returned to taxpayers and how would it be spent? Why can’t we retroactively tap into the Trillion dollars subsidies of of the Fossil Fuel Industry and reduce pricing at the pump or decrease their Subsidies by 50% until they include renewable energy in their product mix. The Federal Government and taxpayers should benefit from the Subsidies and real estate tax breaks from Big Agricultural Firms, lower prices at the market would be welcome, here, too! There’s a lot our Government can do to lower costs to the Consumer and it’s necessary when Corporate Greed is responsible for higher pricing to the Consumer. Why not target all Corporations doing business with the Government, if their CEO’s make 2200 Times their employees salary, the Federal Government might levy a 10% tax, funding tax payer relief? If the microchip industry gave back equity to the Federal Government to benefit taxpayers, how would the government structure this return on investment? Can this structure be applied to all industries getting Governmental Subsidies? Or all industries doing business with the Government? It’s time “We the People “ benefit from Government largesse, too!

TheVoiceOfJoyce a page out of Modern Propaganda Handbook: Find academics , pay them & require that they define The Huber economic model as beneficial to Society, changing Societies rules to benefit Uber . Academics become the PR lobbyists for Huber at a price. Useful for disinformation and espousing ideas. Profit for Uber is the end result of these campaigns, at great cost to Society!

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Starbucks employees, have joined a Union to support their efforts to secure a living wage and safer working conditions. Many were fired immediately after the shop was Unionized. They’re litigating, however, why not take your dispute to the NLRB for adjudication? Let’s see how the pro labor prosecutor, Jennifer Abruzzo, can help employees. She comes from the CIO & served on the Harvard Advisory Commission, establishing, new rules for workers, a PDF entitled, A Clean Slate for Workers. The new guidelines should help all Labor organize into Unions and protect their jobs during and after the Process. Including, extending the Unionizing process to include all Starbucks stores, sectional Unionization!

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce The working poor, the understaffed plight of Fast Food Workers nationally. CEO’s of the Fast Food chains make over 2000 times the pay of their average workers. Clearly, $15.00/hour is not asking too much. It’s time for a major Union to organize Fast Food workers and help them collectively set standards for work. Too many Corporations are profit driven and deliberately understaffed to generate enormous Corporate profits. While a business requires a profit to be successful, that doesn’t negate the Corporate responsibility to give employees a decent living wage and a safe working environment. If workers are unable to Bargain for their Rights, this is an opportunity for Sectoral Unionization. The entire Fast Food Industry’s employees need the protection and Negotiating powers of Collective Bargaining. Unionize today and secure a Basic Living Wage with cost of Living increases and other humane perks.

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Atlantic City Casino workers going to strike for better wages, O/T pay and benefits. Other workers in similar positions should seek Worker protection under Unionization and strikes. Increase staffing with better wages. Goal: a lean Slate for Workers!