AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce I supported both Ossoff and Wanock in last years runoff and Reverend Warnock has proved to be an asset to the Senate. He champions voting rights and successfully lobbied for $35 cap on Insulin and won. He’s worked with Ted Cruz on a highway funding proposal. Warnock is a keeper, demonstrating his ability to represent his Georgian community. Vote for Warnock and vote for your rights. He deserves to be returned to the Senate. Don’t forget to have a plan to register and vote and take 5 friends with you.

Even after his win last year – he was elected in a runoff vote to finish out the term of the late senator Johnny Isakson, and is now running for his first full six-year term – Warnock has continued to preach at Ebenezer, and can occasionally be seen taking selfies with congregants after services on Sundays. His activism work at Ebenezer appears to have informed his work in Congress, where he has championed voting rights and successfully lobbied to cap insulin costs for Medicare recipients. Warnock has also made a point to work across the aisle, teaming up with Republican Ted Cruz on a highway funding proposal.

“I’ve been very impressed at what he’s done in Congress, what he’s managed to get through in the short time that he’s been there,” David Walker, a 39-year-old voter from Marietta, said at a Cobb County Democrats rally last month. “It’s going to help a lot down here.”

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