TheVoiceOfJoyce DeSantis may give only Republicans extra voting rights today. However, Remember This , you may be in favor today, but there will come a time when DeSantis stands against you too. Who will come to your aid? If you value Democracy, every one should have a chance to vote. Every voice should be heard. Aren’t fellow Democrats Floridians, too? Why should anyone countenance discrimination and limiting access to ballots?

Voting rights groups had previously asked the governor to extend the statewide voting registration deadline, which ended on Tuesday, and to add more early voting days, as well as implement other accommodations.

DeSantis complied – but only for the three Republican counties.

“Tens of thousands of Floridians have been displaced, and today’s executive order fails to meet the moment and ensure voting access for all Florida voters,” said Jasmine Burney-Clark, founder of voter rights organization Equal Ground, in a statement. “Instead, Governor DeSantis is politicizing a natural disaster.”

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