AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce We’re experiencing a slowdown on the Mississippi River as water levels have dropped. Similar to European Nations, our Rivers are no longer flowing under these drought conditions. Barges are the fastest and least carbon intensive way to move grains and heavy products. A 15 barge tow, saves a 1000 trucks from traversing our highways and reduces Carbon emissions. The time for a Climate Emergency is now. When do we start investing in Renewables for our future? How long will we be dictated to by Fossil Fuel Oligarchs? Cut Fossil Fuel Subsidies now. Invest in American entrepreneurs and innovations. Beware the Billionaires who would stifle our future with Climate Deniers, our Democracy and our voices.

The water in the Mississippi River has dropped so low that barges are getting stuck, leading to expensive dredging and at least one recent traffic jam of more than 2,000 vessels backed up.

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The Mississippi River Basin produces nearly all – 92% – of US agricultural exports, and 78% of the global exports of feed grains and soybeans. The recent drought has dropped water levels to alarmingly low levels that are causing shipping delays, and seeing the costs of alternative transport, such as rail, rise.

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