TheVoiceOfJoyce Following the case of Molly Russell’s suicide, GB has agreed to extend protection from harmful content to young vulnerable adults as well, ages18-24 yrs of age. Content causing self harm and suicide must be removed to the Regulators satisfaction. The large and small Social Media Platforms must explain their methodology for removal of content to users or face the Ofcom regulator, the Communications regulator , which will have the power to impose fines of 10% of their global turnover, if they breach the legislation. The NHS is taking mental health seriously and providing $57 million for additional prevention spending. If you haven’t followed this case, the Social Media Platforms scanned by the young woman who took her life, sent material to her that interested her. Since she was depressed, she viewed harmful content and the algorithms, responding to her interests pushed more harmful videos and materials onto her site, she was inundated with self harm videos for 6 months and then she committed suicide. With the new Law, the algorithms must change and the Platforms will be responsible for that change. Do you think you can withstand viewing self harm materials, violent content, deaths and remain unharmed by the content?

Donelan’s predecessor, Nadine Dorries, said in a written statement in July that legal suicide content and content promoting self-harm would be among the categories of legal but harmful content that major tech platforms would have to address in their terms and conditions, telling users how they would deal with such material.

The act will be overseen by Ofcom, the communications regulator, which will have the power to impose fines of £18m or 10% of global turnover on companies if they breach the legislation.

A government spokesperson said: “The bill will deliver a major improvement in the safety of both children and adults online. Tech companies will be forced to protect young people, prioritise removing content promoting suicide and uphold their own terms and conditions.

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