TheVoiceOfJoyce 30-50 yrs of planning have neutered our Regulatory Agencies. The EPA , fired 100’s of scientists under Trump. Clearly, small government is working for people who were used to drink clean water. Anywhere there are factory farms, the water is tainted. High levels of minerals and other toxins are causing algae blooms rendering the River water and ground water, unsafe for drinking or swimming. If you want to drink clean drinking water, don’t vote for TRUMPS GOP, they want Corporate self regulation. We the People have small government, hollowed out governing agencies & Corporate self regulation. Corporations work to sustain their profits. We the People, no longer get a living wage or clean water and clean air. Profits come first in this GOP created Utopia. Vote GOP and watch our limited water resources, evaporate!

Manure causes nitrogen and phosphorus in water, tainting drinking water and causing toxic algal blooms that can be deadly to aquatic life. Waste-polluted water can irritate skin and cause gastrointestinal and respiratory problems, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The agency itself has said that three-quarters of factory farms discharge pollution, said Emily Miller, an attorney for advocacy group Food & Water Watch, the lead petitioner. But EPA has essentially let companies decide whether they want to comply with the Clean Water Act, she said.

“EPA has set up a catch-me-if-you-can system,” Miller said. Factory farms “only have to get Clean Water Act permits if they admit they discharge, which is obviously not an incentive to do so”.

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