TheVoiceOfJoyce Too bad the NLRB won’t change their rules to let whole Corporations Unionize without interference. How many injuries must occur before the NLRB,OHSA, Transportation get involved. The American worker is mistreated daily by large corporations making enormous profits. If Amazon has $3.4 million to spend on Union avoidance consultants and $213 million on CEO compensation,they can upgrade employee facilities, pay a decent wage and treat people with dignity. Corporate welfare and unaccountability are no longer acceptable. When will the NLRB rewrite the rules and make a Clean Slate for workers, the Law of the Land? When will other Corporate employees stand together and protest for better working conditions and pay? Fight Corporate induced inflation and greed!

Amazon CEO Andy Jassy received $213m in compensation in 2021, 6.474 times the median Amazon worker’s pay. The company reported a net profit of around $33bn in 2021 and spent at least $4.3m on union avoidance consultants during 2021.

Sara Fee has worked at the Amazon air hub for over a year. “I watched them change some processes that made things harder for us, but it made things faster for them, and I watched more and more of my coworkers getting injured,” said Fee.

She explained seeing coworkers, especially younger workers, get injured at high rates on the job and not be treated fairly, inspired her to demand improvements to working conditions and wages.

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