TheVoiceOfJoyce Catching up with the War in Ukraine. Don’t let Putin’s rhetoric distract the Ukrainian counteroffensive. Unfortunately, Russia has many conscripts to send to Ukrainian and willing partners to send him arms. He doesn’t see his acts as atrocities or crimes against humanity. If Norway finds his spies, that’s good. For Putin, whatever it takes to win is within bounds. Meanwhile, Zelensky has no option other then pushing Russia out of Ukraine. Uklanianians are deported to Russia and children are being “ evacuated “ to Crimea. Can everyone return? Will Ukraine exist free and separate? Pre war free? It’s the Ukrainian peoples and the World’s choice?

where Arctic Norway comes face to face with the cold reality of Russia.

“Reasons to worry afresh about the border are multiplying following Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. Norwegian police recently arrested several Russians, equipped with drones and cameras, who were showing unusual interest in oil and gas installations. Some of the suspected spies entered via Storskog.

“Since Russia cut energy supplies to Europe in retaliation for western sanctions – and following last month’s sabotage of the Nord Stream Baltic pipelines – Norway has become Europe’s biggest gas supplier. And while the Oslo government is not directly accusing Moscow, it knows that makes it a prime target for covert hybrid warfare operations.”

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