TheVoiceOfJoyce Why are scientists wasting time studying a person’s body weight in order to conclude there’s a correlation between body weight and our Carbon footprint. It’s absurd. Rather then weaponizing peoples food choices and body types, scientific time would be better spent devising methodologies to remove toxins from our water and food and creating a substitute for King Corn. Marginalized people, people requiring inexpensive food, need nutritious food not cheap processed food laced with non nutritious ingredients. Give poor people and the middle classes inexpensive vegetables and fruits and they’ll change their diet. Meanwhile, fight climate change on a large scale, focus on agriculture and bringing back heritage grains.

Categories such as “overweight” and “obese” are calculated from people’s BMI, a metric devised in the 19th century and based on white men’s bodies. BMI does not account for differences in body types across race and gender, yet it is “weaponized”, Tovar said, to marginalize people – disproportionately Black women – whose bodies don’t conform to it.

The arbitrary nature of these metrics was illustrated by a 1997 decision to adjust the cutoffs for BMI categories, newly categorizing several million people as “obese” overnight and contributing to obesity’s “epidemic” status.

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