TheVoiceOfJoyce Is unemployment insurance and other benefits being dispersed to people in need in your State? Please comment.

According to this article in the Guardian, only 15 States give out unemployment benefits in a timely manner and in accordance with Federal guidelines. However, considering the number of 50 yr olds unemployed, many aren’t eligible for unemployment benefits. What is a 50 yr old to do? How many are falling through the safety net cracks? If queried, how many in our population are food insecure, in danger of losing their home, can’t find work? Who’s counting the unemployed, the homeless and seeking solutions?

As I write, Union members of the Pittsburgh Gazette are striking for a contract and affordable health benefits. They’re asking for fair wages and affordable healthcare. The list of dissatisfied workers and the the unemployed increases! It’s time to address the needs of people and income inequality.

Perhaps, a 6% fee on $100 bundled of all Derivatives traded, is an idea , many could embrace, giving a basic living wage of $12,000 to a 154 million Americans, making $75,000 or less. It’s a win win for society.

The benefits expired in September 2021, with several states cutting them off early, affecting an estimated 7.5 million people. Proponents for cutting off benefits claimed the benefits were resulting in labor shortages, though the US still has more job openings than unemployed workers and research found cutting off the benefits had little to no impact on job growth and employment.

Since the expiration of federal benefits, state unemployment benefit systems have been left again as primary benefit providers. But many are still lagging and seem unprepared to deal with any future wave of job losses as high inflation rates have been inciting concerns of a looming economic recession, according to a new report from the Century Foundation.

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