TheVoiceOfJoyce Putin has left Kherson and residents are joyous.

What’s next? The bridge over Ukraine’s dam has been blown with the Russian retreat. The Russians are on the Dnipro’ s left bank and regrouping for battle? The dam below the power plant supplies water to theZaporizhzhia nuclear power plant. All infrastructure to Kherson was destroyed.

Putin is concerned with his grain and fertilizer going to market? It shouldn’t be released or tied to the Ukrainian grain deal.

Erdogan as power broker, is towing the Russian Party line, claiming Russia is fighting back Western aggression. Whether Putin wins or loses, he’ll be a hero to the Russians. One way to keep his position of power. Let the Peace talks begin before more bloody battles occur. It’s clear no annexation occurred and millions of Ukrainian citizens were deported.

CNN’s Nic Robertson has filed a report from the newly liberated city of Kherson – or at least tried to while being interrupted by the crowds around him bursting into defiantly joyous song. In between the singing, he said:

This is just a moment of euphoria, just a moment of celebration, where people can come into the square and show their flags. Remember, back at the beginning of the war, this was the city that tried to resist. They had protests. This is what liberation feels like. The people of this city tried to resist the Russians, the Russians suppressed them. This is what Ukrainians are like when that suppression comes off.

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