AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce What can Congress do now?

1. Strengthen Voting Rights and redo 135 yr old Law on choosing electors on the State level in support of the will of the People. Further, clarify the Vice President’s role in certification of the Presidency. That role is ministerial only and represents the will of the People.

2. Eliminate the debt ceiling enabling Government to pay its Bills.

3. Pass DACA and TIPS bills granting citizenship. Provide a path to citizenship to immigrants working and living in this country for 20 yrs.

4. My wish list is long. A Clean Slate For Labor! Funding IRS. Funding FDA, Changing the FTC Communications Decency Act

5. Pass for the Families Act

6. Invoke War Production Act for the Climate

Congress now should do its part and act, in its final weeks in session, to clarify and strengthen the federal law governing the counting and certifying of electoral votes in presidential elections. It needs to do this before control of the House passes, in all likelihood, to a Republican majority.

The 135-year-old law, known as the Electoral Count Act, is chock-full of confusing and ambiguous provisions, and legal scholars have long warned that it could trigger a crisis. That’s exactly what happened after the 2020 election, when Donald Trump and his associates exploited the law’s vague and arcane language to claim that they could overturn the will of the voters. That exploitation led directly to the violence on Jan. 6, 2021.

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