TheVoiceOfJoyce Day 263 of Putin’s war.

Ukrainian troops , now equipped, have retaken Kherson to much fanfare and relief. Removing mines located in the disabled infrastructure is a necessity. The people of Kherson are without electricity, water and medicine. Since this was a Russian annexation, you’d think they’d want the residents to survive? They didn’t, they bombed and destroyed a butter factory and hunted down those giving neighbors humanitarian aid. Putin’s dreams of Odessa and other cities on the Black Sea are unattainable.

Ukraine is making a case against Putin’s War at the COP 27, detailing the cost of pollution, fossil fuels and destruction of land. The entire World suffers when protected areas are destroyed and the entire globe has experienced an up tick fuel production and emissions because of this War. Food insecurity has barely been averted, due to Putin’s War.

Next week, when the G20 convene, Putin doesn’t want to discuss myths, only realities. However, Peace is off the table because that would undermine members trust? Trust in whom? Who started War in Ukraine? Ukrainian devastation is not mythology to everyone else. It’s a real problem and can’t be ignored. The World is still suffering from increasing emissions, food insecurity and refugee displacements. These are some problems, in the reality column, worth resolving. Putin can deceive the Russian people. He can’t deceive the World!

The enemy mined all critical infrastructure objects. We are trying to meet within a few days and (then) open the city,” Yanushevych told Ukrainian TV, adding that he hoped mobile phone operators could start working on Sunday.

Yuriy Sobolevskiy, first deputy chairman of Kherson regional council, added to Ukrainian TV: “Most houses have no electricity, no water and problems with gas supplies.”

The head of Ukrainian state railways said train service to Kherson was expected to resume this week.

Last Updated: 06:46 Sunday, 13 November 2022

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