TheVoiceOfJoyce Soda tax reduces consumption & changes manufacturers behavior.

A soda tax in several cities reduced consumption and increased the health of black and Latino citizens. Sodas high sugar content leads to obesity and diabetes, among other systemic diseases.

Adding the tax has many benefits!

Soda manufacturers produce more healthy alternatives at cheaper cost to the consumers.

The tax collected goes directly into healthcare benefits.

Minorities need healthy cheap alternatives to soda. It’s unfair to sell soda cheaper then milk!

Give everyone a healthy diet and increase their life spans and quality of life, too!

Tax soda & save lives!

Researchers in California and Illinois have found soda taxes lead people to consume less sugar. A meta-analysis, published in 2021, found that in five places with soda taxes, demand for sugar-sweetened drinks fell by 20% on average – although some was offset by people shopping over the tax border.

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