TheVoiceOfJoyce Fake news and bots do real harm on Twitter. Eli Lily suspended their Ad account after a rogue impersonator stated , as Eli Lilly , they were offering Insulin free.

Lilly uses their accounts to post valuable health information to patients globally.

Content on Social Media platforms can’t remain self regulating. Congress can pass Section 230 of the FTC Communications Decency Acy and have Big Tech Accountability.

It maintains a robust Twitter presence. In addition to its main corporate account, @LillyPad, it runs stand-alone accounts devoted to diabetes care, European health policy, clinical trials, rheumatology and the distribution of health information in Spanish, Italian and French. It spends more than $100 million a year on TV commercials and digital-ad campaigns in the United States, according to MediaRadar, a marketing data firm.

When Twitter failed to react quickly to its entreaties about the fake account, Eli Lilly took to its official account in the late afternoon Thursday to apologize to its 130,000 followers for the “misleading” fake. When the fake account still was active five hours later, a Twitter ad-sales rep in New York publicly pleaded with Musk for the fake account to be removed.

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