AmericaSpeaksTheVoiceOfJoyce. Ep. 151: “Red Letter Day”

It’s a red letter day for our Country. There’s one more Senate race to be won. Mark your calendar for 12/6 and vote for Warnock. Your life still depends on holding the Senate and passing humane Legislation.

Inflation is down and we need programs to produce revenue to add a social economic safety net for Americans. Listen and I’ll explain my programs and the Trillions we can tap.

Want a Basic Living Wage?
Want ways to adapt to the Climate and make a good living?
Need renewables in your town or want to be off grid? We can do it.
Want more jobs and IT Professionals? We can utilize them.

We can have the good life, when we ask for it. We can have it all. Vote and start asking for a better way of life!

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